Career readiness
for junior high

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Why This Matters

Canada has the second highest rate of youth underemployment among all the developed nations. In contrast, Denmark has one of the lowest rates in large part because of the integration of career education starting in elementary school.

Economic Impact

If we prepared youth for jobs consistent with their interests, skills, and values, we would see an increase of $13 billion in goods and services each year nationally.


Those who are un/underemployed are subject to increased stress and predisposition to unhealthy behaviours, such as substance abuse. One in six adults has been so stressed that they have considered suicide.

Human Cost

Pain and suffering and reduced quality of life do not have a price. Some economists argue that intangible costs far surpass all other direct and indirect costs combined.

We help students understand how today’s
choices affect tomorrow’s opportunities

We understand how it feels to not know what courses to take because you aren’t sure how it will affect the future. We know what it is to wonder about who we are, what we stand for, and what we are going to do with our lives. It can be overwhelming. We have a plan that can help.

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