Our Program

We are all planning our lives. Most of us aren’t doing it with intention.

This program provides career coaching to young people before they make decisions that will impact their future. It helps them see the possibilities of the future and work backward; it teaches them how to work toward their goals. 

By combining assessments, coaching, skill building, networking, and experiential learning, this program creates resilient, confident, self-reliant youth who are able to build social capital and connect today’s actions to their desired future. Young people who know how to leverage their skill set and previous experience, articulate their strengths, and pursue opportunities to get the job they want.

What We’re Offering


Certified Coaches

Trained coaches will lead activities that allow youth to see the possibility of the future and understand the tangible steps to move toward it.


Paid Project Work

Youth will work on projects with their coach and other students. They will learn relevant life and career skills. They get to choose projects and earn money for their work.


Confidence & Success

All the work done now is going to pay off in the future. Students will gain confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. They will be better able to take charge of their lives and careers.

Our Team


Founder - April MacLeod

This program has been years in the making. It combines my experience writing and delivering entrepreneurship education (where I learned experiential learning is a game changer) with my passion for career coaching. I intend to answer the questions I had while working with university students: What if career coaching was provided before students made choices about their endeavours after high school? What if I had a career coach when I was younger? How would my life be different?
Throughout the development of this program I discovered that this isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. This is a ‘need to have’. Career education positively impacts mental health and the economy.

Our Certified Coaches

Coaches are the cornerstone of our program. They work with students in their own communities to help them imagine the possibilities of their future and build a plan to help them succeed. Our coaches are empathetic, adaptable, and passionate about unlocking each student's potential. It is through work with the coach that students become more resilient, confident, and self-reliant.