Our children make choices in Junior High that impact their futures

Imagine how your life would be different if you had a coach when you were 13; a guide to help you articulate your strengths, build confidence and teach you how to identify and pursue opportunities. Our program empowers youth so they can take charge of their lives and careers.
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You've been there - Junior High is hard

Do you remember how overwhelming it was to get through those years let alone figure out what you wanted to do with your life? We believe that every young person ought to understand their options, be given opportunities to develop skills, learn what they love, and know how to build a career around what they love. Every choice they make today impacts their future.
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How it works

1. Work with a Coach

Our trained coaches work with students year round. The coach will lead activities that allow them to see the possibilities of the future and help them with the actions they need to take to move toward it.

2. Complete Project Work

Students will gain skills by working in groups of six to complete project work. Their coach will lead them through from idea generation to execution. Students will receive an honorarium for their work.

3. Connect today’s actions
to their future

Students will gain confidence, build resiliency, and social capital. They will understand how to leverage their skill set and experiences, articulate their strengths, pursue opportunities, and get the job they want.

Help youth design their future

Our Team


Founder - April MacLeod

This program has been years in the making. It combines my experience writing and delivering entrepreneurship education (where I learned experiential learning is a game changer) with my passion for career coaching. I intend to answer the questions I had while working with university students: What if career coaching was provided before students made choices about their endeavours after high school? What if I had a career coach when I was younger? How would my life be different?
Throughout the development of this program I discovered that this isn’t just a ‘nice to have’. This is a ‘need to have’. Career education positively impacts mental health and the economy.

Our Certified Coaches

Coaches are the cornerstone of our program. They work with students in their own communities to help them imagine the possibilities of their future and build a plan to help them succeed. Our coaches are empathetic, adaptable, and passionate about unlocking each student's potential. It is through work with the coach that students become more resilient, confident, and self-reliant.