Help us give youth opportunities now that will grow the future for everyone

Connect with your future employees and/or clients, share your experience, make a meaningful difference in their lives.
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Every young person ought to be given opportunities to develop skills, learn what they love, and know how to build a career around it.

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How it works

1. Book a meeting

Meet with our program founder directly to learn about how career education can help you with recruiting, sales and community engagement.

2. Get Involved

As a partner, you will have the opportunity to connect with students during their project work and/or special events to share your experiences and opportunities.

3. Feel good about changing lives

You are making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people who otherwise would not be able to participate in the program. At its extreme, this program is the difference between our youth dropping out of school and our youth knowing how to design and go after the future of their dreams.

Young people are making choices that impact their futures in junior high. You can help young people understand their options and how the choices they make today impact their future.

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